As a business owner, you understand the significance of protecting your trademarks by registering them. But monitoring your trademarks is just as important as registering them.

A crucial aspect of that is using a trademark watch or monitoring service.

What is a trademark watch service?

Trademark watch services scour U.S. and global trademark records for newly-filed or newly-published trademark applications or newly registered trademark registrations searching for marks that could potentially infringe or dilute your company’s trademarks. They act as an early warning system for potentially problematic trademark applications and registrations so that you can decide what, if any, action needs to be taken to protect your brand.

Why are they important?

You’ve invested time, money, and energy into creating, marketing, and registering trademarks that set your company apart from your competitors. Your trademarks are extremely valuable assets that help you stand out in the marketplace and inspire trust in your consumers.

If someone else infringes or dilutes those valuable assets, your brand, business, and customers suffer.

Trademark watch services help you identify potential threats to those assets as early as possible. By proactively monitoring, you give yourself the opportunity to quickly address potentially infringing or diluting uses in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible. Because the sooner you know about threats or potential threats, the more options you have available to you for curbing those threats and the easier it is to get a favorable resolution that sufficiently protects your brand.

And protecting your trademarks is not just good business – it’s often required by law. For example, in the U.S., trademark owners have certain obligations when it comes to protecting and enforcing their marks, and if they don’t fulfill those obligations, they risk losing their trademark rights entirely!

How can Brient IP help with U.S. and global trademark monitoring?

There are a wide variety of strategies for deciding what marks to watch, which goods and services or trademark classes to cover, what jurisdictions to include, and what stages of the trademark application and registration process to cover. And, of course, budget is always top of mind for our clients and us! Brient IP can help you come up with the best strategy for your company’s portfolio that aligns with your budget, and then we will use our access to advanced monitoring tools and databases to get your bespoke trademark watch service set up.

We also review the alerts for you and then provide customized strategic advice on whether enforcement is necessary, what options are available for enforcement, and which course of action best fits your business goals and your budget.

Let’s discuss how Brient IP can help you stay ahead of potential threats to your trademarks!

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