The Challenge

onetrust was founded in 2016 by Kabir Barday in response to an urgent need of for improved software to help businesses comply with newly implemented – and in some cases extremely strict – privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Based on his previous experience at VMware and Airwatch, Kabir understood the importance of protecting onetrust’s intellectual property at its earliest stages to ensure that onetrust maintained its competitive advantage as the company grew. He also understood that having a strong patent and trademark portfolio would be valuable in future funding rounds and in blocking competitors from obtaining patent protection on IP that onetrust had developed first.

Based on a recommendation from a contact at a large law firm, Kabir turned to Brient IP for help in designing and implementing a comprehensive IP strategy.

The Solution

We started our engagement with onetrust by working with Kabir to conduct a comprehensive patent mining session in which we collaboratively worked to identify the most unique technical aspects that distinguished onetrust’s systems from those of its competitors. The result of the meeting was a long list of potentially patentable features and a plan for developing a patent portfolio that would protect those features with current and future budgetary considerations in mind.

We then moved quickly to implement the plan. This has led to the issuance of over 250 U.S. and European patents over the past six years at an allowance rate of over 95%.  During that period, each U.S. application required, on average, less than one round of written negotiations before allowance by the patent office.

As recently noted by Kabir:

Scott and his team helped us shape an IP and Patent strategy from day one of onetrust’s founding. As we’ve grown, Scott’s team has helped us obtain over 250 issued patents in under six years. What makes Scott’s team fun to work with is how quickly they grasp complex and technical topics about our vast product line, and how his team can start ideating with us about what we may develop in the future, and be able to stay a step ahead in securing the patent.

What has been really impressive about Scott’s team is how they have adapted to our needs and been equally valuable to us from our founding with one employee, all the way to 2,500+ employees, 13,000 customers, and $5B+ Valuation. I highly recommend Scott and his team at any stage of your business.

-Kabir Barday, CEO, onetrust

The Results

The level of success that onetrust has seen since its founding in 2016 is astonishing. In 2020, onetrust was named the #1 fastest-growing company in America by Inc. Magazine, with a 48,000% three-year growth rate. According to the IDC Worldwide Data Privacy Management Software Market Shares Report, 2020, “onetrust is leading the market outright and showing no signs of slowing down or stopping.” In addition, onetrust has been able to secure $920 million in funding and has grown to a $5.3 billion valuation.

Kabir notes that “onetrust’s patent strategy has become one of onetrust’s top competitive advantages because it gives investors, customers, and industry analysts confidence that we are here to stay. It demonstrates to the market our culture of innovation, and motivates our many inventors who have their names listed on our patents. Finally, it has helped us avoid distractions from patent trolls by having our own portfolio as a proactive defense. We also regularly highlight our patent portfolio in our sales, investor, and analyst presentations. All of this has helped position onetrust as the market-defining leader in Trust intelligence.

Examples of onetrust’s Patents:

U.S. Patent 11,494,515 (US00000011494515B220221108 (;

U.S. Patent 11,442,906 (US00000011442906B220220913 (;

U.S. Patent 11,301,796 (US00000011301796B220220412 (

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