Client Case Studies


onetrust was founded in 2016 by Kabir Barday in response to an urgent need of for improved software to help businesses comply with newly implemented – and in some cases extremely strict – privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Based on his previous experience at VMware and Airwatch, Kabir understood the importance of protecting onetrust’s intellectual property at its earliest stages to ensure that onetrust maintained its competitive advantage as the company grew. He also understood that having a strong patent and trademark portfolio would be valuable in future funding rounds and in blocking competitors from obtaining patent protection on IP that onetrust had developed first.


Promethean is a global education technologies company that makes interactive displays and teaching software that drive breakthroughs for teachers, students, and colleagues around the world. In 2022, Promethean launched its latest version of its interactive flat panel display ActivPanel 9 after years of research and development. A key feature introduced in ActivPanel 9 is ActivSync. In modern classrooms, teachers often use a variety of devices throughout the day. As such, these teachers need technology that allows them to jump from device to device with ease and from anywhere in the classroom.


Copper Inc. is a technology startup that provides a hardware solution that can be used to upgrade legacy point-of-sale (POS) systems to allow for payment via a mobile device, and to also track detailed sales data in ways that aren’t possible using most legacy POS systems. Copper’s innovative “pay-at-the-table” solution is quick to set up, inexpensive to use, and pairs with any POS system without the need for technology changes or upgrades to the POS system itself.

As a recently launched startup in 2020, Copper sought to protect several core unique aspects of its system. Following a recommendation from an attorney from a large “Amlaw 100” law firm, Copper turned to Brient IP for help.

Our client, BlendSmart, developed a new handle design for their rotating makeup brush.  They wanted to protect the design and also expand their options for having listings for competing “knock-off” products removed by online marketplaces, such as


Jawzrsize is a manufacturer of unique athletic gear that helps individuals improve the strength and appearance of their jawline. After significant success selling their products directly through and through online marketplaces such as, several foreign manufacturers started offering “knock off” products on that infringed patents that Brient IP had obtained for Jawzrsize. Jawzrsize requested assistance in having listings for these “knock off” products removed from

Freedom To Practice

One of our clients, which was a new startup company, was developing a new product. Although they weren’t aware of any particular patent that might cover the product, they wanted to find out if there were any potential patent infringement risks associated with releasing the product in the United States.  Also, although they had no immediate plans to sell the product outside the U.S., they also wanted to get a general sense as to the level of patent-related risk associated with selling the product in Europe, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Japan, and Mexico. 

Foreign Filing

Our client, a seed-stage startup, expressed an interest in pursuing patent protection outside the U.S., but noted that, due to funding constraints, it wished to defer any related costs for as long as possible.