Kabir Barday – Founder and CEO, onetrust

Scott and his team helped us shape an IP and Patent strategy from Day 1 of onetrust’s founding. As we’ve grown, the attorneys at Brient IP have helped us apply for and get issued over 200 patents in under 6 years. What makes Scott’s team fun to work with is how quickly they grasp complex and technical topics about our vast product line, and how they are able to help us ideate about what we may develop in the future so that we are able to stay a step ahead in securing the patent.

This strategy has become one of onetrust’s top competitive advantages because it gives investors, customers, and industry analysts confidence that we are here to stay. It demonstrates to the market our culture of innovation, and motivates our many inventors who have their names listed on our patents. Finally, it has helped us avoid distractions from patent trolls by having our own portfolio as a proactive defense. We also regularly highlight our patent portfolio in our sales, investor, and analyst presentations. All of this has helped position onetrust as the market-defining leader in Trust intelligence.

What has been really impressive about Scott’s team is how they have adapted to our needs and been equally valuable to us from our founding with one employee, all the way to 2,500+ employees, 13,000 customers, and $5B+ Valuation. I highly recommend Scott and his team at any stage of your business.

5 star testimonials

Lisa Fields, Senior Vice President/Deputy General Counsel, VSP

The attorneys at Brient IP understand our business and intellectual property strategy. They provide us with thorough, cost-effective legal services.  Their expertise and partnership are invaluable.

5 star testimonials

Adam Avrunin, Former In-house IP Counsel for Zoom, Splunk, Dropbox, and Red Hat

Scott Brient and his firm are outstanding.  They have a proven ability to work closely with their clients to develop a comprehensive patent strategy and to grow a patent portfolio quickly.  I’ve been very pleased with their work and highly recommend them!

5 star testimonials

Steve Machiorlette, CEO Worth Beauty LLC

I started working with Brient IP in 2011 when our company was in its infancy.  We knew we had a great idea and needed help with protecting our product, industrial designs, and brand. The team at Brient IP helped us put together a comprehensive strategy for protecting our IP, and then worked with us to implement it. While working closely with us to apply for and receive multiple utility patents, design patents and registered trademarks, the team helped us anticipate and address potential opportunities and pitfalls in the patent and trademark landscape. This proved extremely helpful as our product, the Blendsmart rotating makeup brush, became a bestselling item on QVC in both the U.S. and Europe and was listed on Oprah’s Favorite Things.  I would highly recommend Scott and his team.

Jay Sales, Former Director of Innovation and R&D, VSP Global and co-founder of The Shop at VSP Global

Working with Brient IP was the most collaborative and effective partnership I have ever had with an IP firm. Brient IP isn’t just about filing patents and pushing them through. They bring extensive experience to the process and help define a strategy that leads to defendable, timely, and comprehensive patent fillings. Their expertise goes far beyond the standard IP firm role of guiding you through the process and the IP itself. While we had a relatively well-defined utilization of our ideas, Brient IP helped us take the claims higher. They encouraged us to foresee other uses and potential threats to the product and technology so that we could cover concepts in the drafts that had not initially occurred to us. Furthermore, the exhaustive patent mining and searching to validate what we could file and, importantly, have granted was beyond valuable. I can’t recommend them enough and continue to look for opportunities to work with them again. 

Patrick Harris

I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Brient on my patent application. As a prolific inventor filing now 21 patent applications, I have developed working relationships with multiple Intellectual Property Attorneys over the last few years. Last summer I started my patent application with a different attorney and fortunately terminated the relationship before any damage to my IP rights occurred. During my initial meeting with Scott, I immediately recognized his genuine interest in my invention and attention to detail. All inventors having previous experience with filing patent applications recognize that an attorney’s interest and attention to detail is equally, if not more important, than technical aptitude and experience. Luckily, Scott also encompasses qualities of experience and know-how; he is truly a package deal. During the creation of my patent application, Scott asked detailed questions and adjusted his style to ensure I was comfortable with the approach. He remained flexible throughout the process and quickly made revisions upon my request. Although this is my first experience working with Scott, it felt as if we had been working together for years. Mr. Brient’s professionalism, ethical conduct, experience, attention to detail, and representation of my best interests will be the first thought on my mind when looking towards my next patent application. I am confident this is the beginning of a long standing professional working relationship. To all inventors seeking a reputable patent attorney, I recommend Mr. Scott Brient. Trust me that you will sleep better at night knowing the application filed at the USPTO will be of the highest quality.

Dr. Maryann Bruno, Ed.D.

I’m proud to say that I have used Brient IP Law as my patent and trademark attorneys since 2014.  They are professional and always on top of things.  I would never use anyone else.  Thank you for all you’ve done to achieve my goals!!!