The Challenge

Promethean is a global education technologies company that makes interactive displays and teaching software that drive breakthroughs for teachers, students, and colleagues around the world. In 2022, Promethean launched its latest version of its interactive flat panel display ActivPanel 9 after years of research and development. A key feature introduced in ActivPanel 9 is ActivSync. In modern classrooms, teachers often use a variety of devices throughout the day. As such, these teachers need technology that allows them to jump from device to device with ease and from anywhere in the classroom.

Promethean’s ActivSync technology allows teachers to link to any device quickly, easily, and seamlessly and save resources, eliminating digital barriers so that they can enjoy direct, easy access to files as they move between classrooms, their homes, or schools. Promethean’s challenge was to prevent its competitors from copying its ActivSync technology or from using its “ActivSync” trademark, so that it can maintain the competitive advantage offered by this feature.


The Solution

As part of our ongoing relationship with Promethean, we worked closely with Promethean’s legal and engineering teams to identify the most unique aspects of the ActivSync system.  We then prepared and filed an expedited U.S. patent application, which was quickly allowed by the U.S. patent office as US Patent 11,182,067 and 9,898,647.  We also filed an international “PCT” patent application to preserve Promethean’s options for pursuing the application in most industrialized countries.  In addition, we coordinated a worldwide effort to protect the ActivSync brand.

The Results

In Q2 and Q3 2022, Promethean was named a winner and finalist in four industry awards. The ActivPanel 9 with ActivSync was named a winner of the Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence in the primary and secondary education categories and the Tech and Learning Best of Show Awards at ISTELive 22. Promethean was also named a finalist in Spain’s SIMO Education Innovation Platform Awards. These awards recognize Promethean for transforming education in schools around the world.

Said Chris Hand, chief revenue officer at Promethean. “As we continue to roll out our new ActivPanel 9 with ActivSync throughout the world in 2023, we’re confident that Promethean will lead the way in providing exceptional learning experiences for teachers and students and that we will be a dependable, valued partner for our customers worldwide.” Having a portfolio of patents and trademarks in place to preserve Promethean’s competitive advantage in the ActivSync technology should help maintain Promethean’s leadership in this space.

For more information on Promethean’s interactive displays, see Promethean | Interactive Displays & Software for Education (