The Challenge

Our client, BlendSmart, developed a new handle design for their rotating makeup brush.  They wanted to protect the design and also expand their options for having listings for competing “knock-off” products removed by online marketplaces, such as

The Solution

In response to BlendSmart’s request, we recommended filing a design patent application.  A design application is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to protect the aesthetic aspects of a particular product.  Also, because the figures of design patents are used to define a design patent’s scope of protection, many online marketplaces are willing to take down products that appear similar to the drawings of a particular design patent.

The Results

We were able to obtain a design patent quickly and efficiently for Blendsmart, which they have since used to preserve their competitive advantage in the marketplace.  The Blendsmart rotating makeup brush has gone on to be a bestselling product on QVC and was included on Oprah’s list of favorite things in 1998.

Here is a link to the resulting design patent: (Link to U.S. Patent D,782,202, which is included in folder)

To learn more about Blendsmart, see: