USPTO Wait Times – How long should you expect to wait for your U.S. trademark registration?

According to the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s website, the time between filing a new trademark application and the first examination action is 8.5 months on average. The time between filing a new trademark application and your trademark registering (or abandoning) is 14.6 months on average.

However, the USPTO’s website also notes that the USPTO is just now examining applications that were filed in the last half of January of 2023 (9.5 months ago).

The takeaway? Don’t hesitate to get those trademark applications on file sooner rather than later.

Getting your application on file now has many benefits.

Filing your application reserves your place in line, providing you with benefits and rights over anyone who files after you for the same or similar mark. For example, the USPTO could rely on your application to block someone who files after you from obtaining a registration for the same mark or a similar mark.

It also puts others on notice of your claim to the mark, which can prevent others from using the mark and also bring to light any potential objections others may have to your claim to the mark early in the process.

That registration also gives you significant legal benefits, like proof of ownership and nationwide exclusivity.

Brient IP Law can help you ensure your mark meets the legal requirements needed to file, prepare that application for you, file it, and see it through to registration, addressing any issues along the way. Reach out today to get started!

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